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Fearing Love

I find it disturbing, just how many religions operate based on fear of hell and/or the devil. They provide long lists of laws and rules which must be followed. Long lists of things to avoid as being evil or of the devil. Fail to toe the line, fail to ‘fess up’ to the slightest mistake, and go straight to hell. Some are quicker to punish than others, but fear runs high and stuffs all else into some dusty forgotten corner.

But what if… God really is Love, first and foremost, above and beyond anything else?

And what if… when Jesus died on the cross, all the old laws and rules were tossed out the window?

What if only two rules even exist now: 1) Love 2) The ‘Do unto others…’ golden rule?


Confession 8


But For His Grace

No matter how broken I feel – I am made Whole in Jesus.

No matter how lost and alone I feel – I am Loved.

No matter what I think my mirror reflects back at me – I am Beautiful.

No matter how impossible the situation may feel – God makes anything possible.