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Me, Right Now

For as long as I can remember, my parents have had a plaque on the wall which reads “The Will of God will never lead you where the Grace of God cannot keep you.” It’s taken me my whole life up until recently to truly understand what the words mean.

Now I’m at a point where I can’t keep living a life where nothing is working for me. Where I’m constantly ill and tired and forced into whichever mould someone else would see me fit. I can’t do it anymore.

Jesus says I don’t have to.

I can accept the forgiveness, salvation, and healing He offers. From there, I can set out fresh, on a path God is laying out at my feet. A path along which I can trust Him to provide all I need. A path along which I will be able to use my unique, God given gifts to his greater glory.

God made me uniquely me. He gave me gifts, talents, abilities… whatever you want to call them. It only makes sense He would want me to live as me and no one else. He would want me to use the gifts He’s given me. That’s what I intend to do, to the best of my ability, from here on out.


Confession 9


Broken Raw

The full moon. Even through an overcast sky, I know it’s a full moon. I’m so restless I could crawl right out of my skin.

It’s only one thing out of many.

I feel like I’m being grated raw. Broken open. Broken down to simplest parts. A scrubbing away of all which isn’t essential me.

God feels distant. He’s letting this happen. But soon… I can feel it coming… soon I’ll be gathered up and made whole in Him once again.

Not Of This World

I choose to set my feet on this narrow path.

And I choose to follow it as God directs.

Not as any person on this Earth thinks I should. Because ‘should’ isn’t working for me… hasn’t in a very long time. In fact, as far as should goes, I’m inclined to agree with this blog post here.

So I will do as I feel God is directing me. I will rest in the unfolding of His plan for my life. I know He has work for me and I will do it to the best of my ability as inspired by Him.