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A Progression

From a child forced into church and Sunday school attendance to a woman who realizes neither are necessary.

From the thou shalts and thou shalt nots to a tossing aside of the rules.

From the fear of being ‘bad’ and going to hell to knowing nothing can keep me from heaven.

From living in fear of everything and everyone to living in Love.

From needing everything to be perfect and in control in order to be acceptable to knowing all that matters is the effort to truly listen and obey regardless of the results.

From believing salvation to be buried somewhere in the rules and laws to knowing it’s solely in Jesus’s Love.

From feeling insignificant and unworthy to knowing I matter.

From feeling crammed into ill fitting moulds to knowing my unique gifts have purpose and will support me and mine.

All this has been a very long time coming, but it’s time to own what’s mine.

December News

Just a bit of what’s been going on for me this month and what’s to come next year:

My family and friends finally know I’m expecting a new little one in May. I’ve known for a while, but didn’t want to share until I was past the first trimester.

I’m working on a full length book to be released by Howling Wolf Books in July. It’s just far from ready at the moment. And lacking a finalized title still.

Going to be a light version of Christmas this year. Small gifts, no decorations, little to no celebration other than at parents’ homes. I don’t have the energy or concentration for more.

The first novel from Howling Wolf Books is available for pre-order and the second will be as of Monday. Speaking of which, I’m planning and prepping to allow myself very light duty for about six months starting towards the end of May. The books will still be released, but I won’t be doing much else.



Confession 13


Source & Intention

Recently, while reading through posts in a forum, I came across a question with which I’d wrestled somewhat myself. The person posting was asking about the difference between prayer and witchcraft or spells. As I said, I’ve asked myself the same. What’s the difference? Is there really a difference? Does it matter which is practiced?

Both are filled with intention and have the ability to change the world. They have those things in common.

I think there is a difference between the two. And I think the differences are in two key points.

The first is Intention. I believe the witchcraft the Bible speaks against intends to harm. To bring down hurt and pain. Prayer, regardless of the form, intends to heal, to help, to protect. To lift up.

The second is Source. Witchcraft has its source in fear and hate. Prayer has its source in Love.