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And only someone who’s been there can know just how lonely it is to:

Be surrounded by people who don’t share your values… and don’t care to.

Hear all kinds of supposedly supportive words and never see them put into action.

See other people having the kind of relationships you long for and know you don’t have the same with anyone.

Give and give and give some more and be there when those around you need you, but know you’ll never get more than superficial help from them.

See all kinds of inspiring quotes and ideas and encouragements in your email or online and realize you have no idea how to put them into practice… and no one willing to help beyond offering more words.

Be part of a supportive, caring community… only for as long as the course/workshop/retreat lasts… and have to return to the above.

Bone Dry

The well has run dry.

No water to be found here.

Need a refill of truly life giving sustenance.

But from where?

Sleep doesn’t heal the exhaustion.

Food doesn’t sate the hunger.

Words can’t fill an ache for action.


Light, Dark, Hard Questions & A Promo (For Someone Else)

It’s always darkest, at least for me, around Christmas time. And, this year, to go with the dark, have been a whole lot of hard to answer questions.

But now it’s January. The days are getting longer and I’m feeling like there’s just more light. I’m just not quite sure I’m ready to face it yet. Partly because I’m still wrestling with the questions.

One thing I am excited about. I made a contribution to an ebook published by a woman I know through a Facebook group. It came out beautifully and I’d love for you to go check it out. (Yes, I know it’s a freebie opt in for one of her programs. I knew that when I contributed.)



Confession 14

Fall in Love