A journey towards greater faith and creativity


All my nerves are standing on edge. I don’t want to be touched, my skin is so sensitive right now. There’s so much going on I feel like a juggler being tossed too many balls. I know I’m dropping things, but there are so many, I’m not even sure what I’m dropping. It’s hard to breathe through even as I’m being constantly reminded to.

Ending an eleven and a half year marriage.

Expecting a new baby.

Sorting and packing to move and being forced to trust God has the final arrangements in hand.

Being mom to an active and unsettled almost five year old.

Pulling together my own small business.

Struggling to make ends meet and keep enough groceries in the house.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something. So many things are ending or being cleared away to make space for new things. So much nervous energy and especially since I’m not the only one feeling it.

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