A journey towards greater faith and creativity

The Waiting Room

Not a place I like living, but it feels like I’m stuck here right now.

By Faith and A Whole Lot of Grace

There’s this cycle I’ve been going through in recent months. And I think, just maybe, I’m not alone in this feeling.

There’s a lesson learned, a feeling of increased connection to God, to Jesus, to my purpose in life.

And then there’s a waiting room. A space of feeling disconnected once again. Of wondering what’s next. Of wondering if I’d only imagined what I felt, the lesson learned, the connection.

A space of having to trust and hold my faith even tighter because otherwise I feel like I’m falling again.

I’m waiting for the next reminder. The next lesson. The next… anything which deepens my connection to God and what it is He is calling me to do with my life.

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