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Remembrance Day


Remembrance Day (as it’s observed in Canada) is in two days, although many places will be closed Monday in lieu. I believe the date set reflects the end of World War I, ninety-nine years ago. I’m sure the ceremonies next year will not fail to mention the century which has passed.

The Great War. The war to end all wars. That’s what they called World War I, in the brief years leading up to World War II. But then World War II came. And then the Korean War. And the Vietnam War. And, in the background for decades, there was the Cold War. I’m old enough to vaguely remember the first war in Iraq. I was an adult by 9/11, which triggered the war in Afghanistan. Has that one even ended? And then a second war in Iraq.

Those are only the highlights. It seems like there’s always conflict somewhere in the world. Sometimes it’s contained within a single country. More often it’s between countries. And it never ends. If it isn’t in one part of the world, it’s in another. It goes back almost as far as human history. It will likely continue, in some form or another, until the end of this world.

It’s said we need to remember these conflicts. How they started. How they ended. Why they happened. All those sacrificed in the process. It’s also said those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And what is the point of remembering, if not to learn from these events. The problem is those who do learn the lessons from history still have to watch those who didn’t repeat it. Over and over and over. Like watching a slow motion train wreck and feeling helpless to prevent it from happening.

And wondering how much more of this the world can take. How many people have to be sacrificed? How much land has to be devastated? How many resources have to be wasted? What will we do when there’s nothing left? How can people not see what effect this is having in our world right now?

I am ever so grateful to know this: In the end, Love always wins.