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‘Tis the Season

Cold season apparently.

No sooner did my daughter start public school again than she brought home a head cold and shared it with myself and her dad. If there was ever anything I really wish she would keep to herself and not share, it’s the colds and flus that go around public schools.

It’s really hard to concentrate enough to accomplish anything when my head is stuffed right up. Worse is not having any energy and needing to nap to survive the day. Add to that the self imposed guilt which comes with not even being able to keep on top of my usual day tasks.

Not that beating up on myself is going to make the cold go away any faster. Especially since I know stress is only going to make it hang around longer.

It’s hard to give myself permission to rest and recover and know that I will be able to catch up on all the things I can’t manage right now. So hard to not feel guilty over slowing down and allowing my body to heal.

Resting Place

In the middle of a forest there is a small fire in a ring of stones encircled by stumps and pieces of log. It’s a welcoming place after the cold and dark of being in the trees. More welcoming is God, seated on a section of log, inviting me to sit awhile and rest. Offering me a refuge from the cold and dark and confusion of my life right now. The fire is warm and I can curl up. There’s nothing I need to do. Nothing which needs to be said. All I have to do is accept the invitation to rest, relax, and recuperate for the next venture into the trees.