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‘Tis the Season

Cold season apparently.

No sooner did my daughter start public school again than she brought home a head cold and shared it with myself and her dad. If there was ever anything I really wish she would keep to herself and not share, it’s the colds and flus that go around public schools.

It’s really hard to concentrate enough to accomplish anything when my head is stuffed right up. Worse is not having any energy and needing to nap to survive the day. Add to that the self imposed guilt which comes with not even being able to keep on top of my usual day tasks.

Not that beating up on myself is going to make the cold go away any faster. Especially since I know stress is only going to make it hang around longer.

It’s hard to give myself permission to rest and recover and know that I will be able to catch up on all the things I can’t manage right now. So hard to not feel guilty over slowing down and allowing my body to heal.

Long Time, No Post

Mostly because I’ve been uncertain what to write. So many things going on. None of them quite what I’ve been hoping for. And also a feeling like I’ve been living in some kind of holding pattern. I feel stuck and I have no idea how to break out of the rut I’ve found myself in.

And too, I’m finding I’ve wandered far away from my original intention for this blog. Since I really don’t remember what I was thinking at the time, I kinda have to go back to the tagline. So unless everything goes sideways yet again, the next few posts will be a combination of how I got to where I am now and what’s been going on recently.

Slowed Down

Since New Years I’ve been swamped with e-books and e-courses and similar resources, all geared towards healing and moving on with my life. While I did not choose to participate in all of them, I’ve done enough over the last nearly two and a half months to leave me feeling a little overwhelmed. I’ve learned a whole lot and I’m grateful for the opportunities.

But God knew I needed to slow down. I’ve never been grateful for the common cold before, but this one took me right out of action for at least a week. It took out my husband as well, resulting in a very quiet week of more family time than we’ve had in far too long.

Not to say I was happy about the cold itself. Being stuffed up with a raw throat and cough sucks. But it came with the opportunity to stop and think. To evaluate what I’ve been doing this year and how I’ve been approaching it. To consider what to continue with and what to drop. And a reminder of just why my priorities are what they are. For as clogged as my sinuses were, my mind felt surprisingly clear. Maybe moreso than it’s been in a while.